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Food for people reopened for rural children at Gumla

Food for people has been reopened for rural children at Gumla, Jharkhand. It had been closed last year in March due to Covid-19.
Today in the presence of honourable chief guest and special members this facility has been reopened and more than 700 children and underprivileged people took part in it.
Food for people had started in 2006 at remote area of Bantoli, Gumla in Jharkhand for under privileged and tribal children. This facility is an amazing model in itself which has been started by
Prem Sagar Foundation with the support of The Prem Rawat Foundation. This has 10,000 square feet dining hall, under which more than 500 children enjoy fresh, hot, healthy meal on daily basis in the hygienic conditions.
People from tribal rural areas those who are below poverty line take benefit of this facility.
Food for people has brought remarkable changes in the village as it has enabled the children to embrace mainstream society through nourishment and motivated them to harness the opportunities available outside.
Children are performing better at their schools as it has greatly improved the attendance and they have started participating in the other activities as well. Now they are also graduating from colleges. The financial condition of the parents is improved as they have to manage the food for one time only. Also, the crime rate has been reduced in the area and thus it has addressed a social problem as well.