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Premsagar Foundation Philanthropic Activities

Prem Sagar Foundation, is a non-profit charitable organization; which works for welfare of mankind. It is formed in 2004. PF is a registered charitable organization in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
PF runs numerous programs like food for people where 500 children each day enjoy healthy meal under great environment at a remote village Bantoli, in the state of Jharkhand, India for the past 15 years.
Apart from this, there is a Computer literacy Program for the rural area children, in which average 150-200 children are participating every day. There is also a Tailoring course Program for the girls, women and boys of rural area. Approximately 150 people are participating in this course.
PF has conducted more than 100 eye clinic camps in many parts of India and in past 16 years 1,30,000 people got benefitted out of it. We are always eager to serve mankind and we will do all possible efforts to reach out more and more people.

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