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Premsagar Foundation celebrates Yoga day

Celebration of Yoga day by Premsagarfoundation and the team.

Certainly, all of us are aware of the significance of being healthy and passionate to be fit and fine. Some people make efforts to apply it practically in their own regime, unfortunately, however, there are several other who still neglect their well being and those who take initiative. There are different approaches and methods available to bring Wellness in life.

As far as yoga is concerned, it has been an ancient practice which is an amalgamation of the three major elements- Philosophy, Science, and Art. Therefore, the subject ‘yoga’ comes with its own intricacies and depths. So, if we get to experience even the slightest part of it, it will be sufficient enough to transform the lives extensively. However, it has been stated directly from the core of yoga that practising it consistently needs immense discipline and self-control from the very beginning.

It is quite obvious that any activity we practice requires consistent efforts and self-discipline up to a certain extent. In Yoga, self-discipline is one of the fundamental principles which is a code of conduct that brings devotional attention towards anything we do. Therefore, in order to develop discipline, we should, first of all, inculcate practice rigorously into our daily routine without any interruption. Undoubtedly, it may be a huge challenge initially, but without it, one cannot expect to yield the positive results.

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